Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hello and Good night to all my friend and follower :)
Well i just want to tell that i have crush with (Sunny Girls Generation ) ;p
haha..well even though i have crush love to her it's not
like it's will be real right ^____^
well it's ok for me to have crush for him right?
What? you dont know sunny? well i just know him
lately ;P haha XD well mybe because i not
Girls Generation fans mybe :)
im mybe not Grils Generation fans but
i still love sunny ;P
Here some pic of sunny if you dont know
who she is

Well off course she a quite cute that for sure ;P

but im sure that...she always will give his best and perfomance
and practice time dancing and singing!!
well i dont know what to write anymore But
This is For sunny

" No matter what happen in this world
If you always believe in you self
you can make what impossible to 
possible.Just never say never
in what you
try to do. "

im mybe nothing to you but to me
you a everything,Sincerely love you ;p
- Khaizz Einstein

p/s Khaizz Einstein is not my real name
It's my stage name..but Khaizz Is my real name xD
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